Facial Mesotherapy Cocktails

 Anti aging, detox, anti-spots / whitening, moisturizing

mesoINSTITUTE facial mesotherapy cocktails are indicated: 

  • anti-aging,
  • hydrating and revitalizing damaged skin,
  • lack of firmness and elasticity,
  • poor vitality,
  • wrinkles,
  • dull and tired skin appearance,
  • brown spots ,
  • hyper-pigmentation,
  • age spots,
  • oxidative skin,
  • mature skin,
  • unisex.

Anti-aging :

Restores moisture loss. The skin is therefore progressively tightened and moisturized.

It reduces the signs of skin wrinkles by stimulating the dermis renew.

It hepls to correct in depth the first signs of skin aging to restore its young and healthy appearance.anti aging collection mesoinstitute mesotherapy made in barcelona wrinkles caviar extract vitamin c collagen dmae elastin anti cernes anti rides mature skin

The formulas are designed to reduce the signs of skin sagging by stimulating the epidermis renew and  helps to prevent free radical damage, the most significant cause of skin aging.

Wrinkles. Elasticity. Firmness. Brightness.

anti-age/05       anti-cernes/12    anti-rides/11   collagen/06      visage/03   young & lift face/45   DMAE/35      vit-F10 cocktail/18


Our mesotherapy cocktails are antioxidant and anti-radical formulas to restore cell metabolism, an anti-aging solutions designed to correct the oxidative stress and prevent premature skin aging, and an antiradical formulas to slow cellular aging due to oxidative stress by reducing cell-surface oxidase in skin. detox mesotherapy cocktails anti free radicals anti oxidant anti aging anti ox solution anti ros skin cell detox bio revitalizing wrinkles over 35 slow agening process mesoinstitute made in barcelona mesotherapy cocktails pollution caviar extract.jpg

Skin cell detox. Anti-oxidant. Anti free radicals. Stressed skin.

anti-OX solution/08      anti-ROS solution/09       detox solution/07       

 Anti-spots / Whitening:

Our whitening- anti spots products help to lighten the skin spots, so that the skin looks bright, smooth, rejuvenated and soft.anti-spots-melasma-whitening-vitamin-c-lighten-skin-mesoinstitute-chloasma-dark-spots-mesotherapy-cocktails-1

Hyperpigmentation. Age spots (brown spots). Post sun spots.

 lighten skin/10 

vitamine C/32


Hyaluronic Acid helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, to stimulate collagen synthesis, to firm the skin, to moisturize, to improve skin softness, and to reduce redness.mesoinsitute hyaluronic acid mositurizer low molecular weight mesotherapy cocktails barcelona the best hy ac wrinkles mature skin flawless skin perfect complexion unisex

2 % hy-ac low density solution/28        3.5% hy-ac low viscosity solution/17    3.5% hy-ac U-low density solution/19  





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