Niche Cosmetics with caviar extract

Niche Cosmetics by JeanPierreMarne

The passage of time, UV rays and environmental contamination create degeneration in the skin’s DNA, which is responsible for the cells’ characteristics and the substances that they produce. What the essence of  niche cosmetics by JeanPierreMarne’s products provides is a contribution to restoring cellular genetic material, all while bearing an antioxidant, stimulating and regenerating effect with the skin’s cells.

After years of work, research and experience in Switzerland and France, JeanPierreMarne was born. This is a cosmetic, nutricosmetic and twin cosmetic line which, based on a different approach to classic cosmetics, provides skin with the nutrients essential to remaining young, bright and wrinkle-free. To this end, they use essential peptides, vitamins, antioxidant substances and minerals that aid in cleaning, detoxifying and reproducing the skin.

Niche cosmetics by JeanPierreMarne

Our work method is based on:

  • Personalised selection of product origin
  • Thorough control over raw material quality
  • Continual supervision of mixture maturation time
  • Exclusive, personalised work carried out by highly-qualified professionals
  • Recently-prepared product delivery

All of these implies limited production, so at any given point a waiting list may arise. If you are interested in using our products, we recommend that you sign up on the list, stating when you would like to receive the next unit.