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Oil control, blackheads, breakouts, redness discoloration from past acne

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Recommended for:

Skin type: Normal, oily, acneic.

Skin tone: Caucasian, Mediterranean, Asian, Hispanic, Black

Age: More than 18


Oil control

Blackheads and breakouts

Redness and discoloration from past acne

Men’s skin



Layer depth:





Face, décolleté, hands.


Young and women. Men’s skin.

Experience level:

Home users


The enzyme bromelain comes from ananas. It has the property to work at a pH 7.0 as a result there is no burning sensation of the skin. They stimulate exfoliation by digesting inter-corneocytes cohesion chemically, decomposing proteins in small fragments and as a result a softening effect to the skin and a sloughing corneocytes.


Users of this peeling experience no downtime.

Skin may be a bit pink, thight and dry following the peel, therefore it is advisable to use  ÉMULSION NUTRIPEEL or  NUTRITION once finished .

Daily use of SPF 30 helps to protect the sensitive new layer skin.

Can be used every day.

Can be used in summer

Skin improvements:

Uneven skin tone, uneven skin texture, excessive oil, enlarged pores, hydration, ingrown hairs, men’s skin.

Presentation & Reference

Size: 50 mL

Reference: 102926


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