hair solution/04

Reinforce hair bulbs. Stimulate hair growth to prevent hair loss.


mesoInstitute hair solution/04 is a solution designed to reinforce hair bulbs and stimulate hair growth to prevent hair loss. It has a mixture of potent anti-oxidants that optimizes metabolic performance of the catabolic and anabolic pathways and protein synthesis. It seeks a longer duration of anagen phase (growth).

Hair loss can be caused by many factors, both in men and women, regardless of age.

Alopecia is divided into non-scarring (the hair follicle is not destroyed, only its functionality is changed) and scarring (the hair follicle can be destroyed or have malformations, causing its decline and weak presence). Finally most forms of hair loss are caused by hormone imbalance in and around the hair follicle, lack of right nutrients and reduced blood circulation.

The particular caviar extraction process allow us to provide actives amino acids in free form or as essential peptides basics in cell activation and stimulation processes, having at the end stimulation of blood circulation and as result the hair follicle can grow and survive.

For women and men of all ages.

mesoInstitute hair solution/04 Prevents hair loss, stimultates hair growth

Main ingredients

Piscum ovum extract, Cysteine, Iron, Thiamine.


Stimulates cell metabolism. Longer duration of anagen phase. Slows follicle aging process. Prevents hair loss. Improves microcirculation of scalp. Improves microcirculation in scalp. Helps accelerate hair growth.

User indications

Topical application. Skin needling.


Derma-pen.  Derma-roller.

Possible mixtures

  vit-F10 cocktail/18    vitamin B5/33    vitamin B7/34

Presentation & Reference

Box 10 vials of  5 mL.

Reference 102810

Product sterilized by filtration

No paraben, alcohol, ingredients of animal origin or colouring.