Hair Mesotherapy cocktail

mesoInstitute hair mesotherapy cocktail

Hair loss can be caused by many factors, both in men and women, regardless of age…

Alopecia is divided into non-scarring (the hair follicle is not destroyed, only its functionality is changed) and scarring (the hair follicle can be destroyed, causing its decline and weak presence). Finally most forms of hair loss are caused by hormone imbalance in and arround the hair follicle, lack of right nutrients and reduced blood circulation.

Hair mesotherapy cocktail. Alopecia, for men and women   alopecia hair growth mesotherapy made in barcelona hair solution mesoinstitute cocktail dermapen bold caviar extract biotin

Our mesotherapy cocktail  hair solution/04  is a solution designed to reinforce hair bulbs and stimulate hair growth to prevent hair loss. It has a mixture of potent anti-oxidants. It seeks a longer duration of anagen phase (growth).

With caviar extract and Biotin.

 hair solution/04    vitamin B5/33   vitamin B7/34