Facial Mesotherapy Cocktails

Virtual facial mesotherapy cocktails. Anti aging, detox, anti-spots / whitening, moisturizing and bio-revitalization

mesoINSTITUTE facial mesotherapy cocktails are indicated: 

  • anti-aging,
  • hydrating and revitalizing damaged skin,
  • lack of firmness and elasticity,
  • poor vitality,
  • wrinkles,
  • dull and tired skin appearance,
  • brown spots ,
  • hyper-pigmentation,
  • age spots,
  • oxidative skin,
  • mature skin,
  • unisex.


Wrinkles. Elasticity. Firmness. Brightness.

anti aging collection mesoinstitute mesotherapy made in barcelona wrinkles caviar extract vitamin c collagen dmae elastin anti cernes anti rides over 35 mature skin

anti-age/05       anti-cernes/12    anti-rides/11   collagen/06      visage/03   young & lift face/45   DMAE/35      vit-F10 cocktail/18


Skin cell detox. Anti-oxidant. Anti free radicals. Stressed skin.


anti-OX solution/08      anti-ROS solution/09       detox solution/07       



Hyperpigmentation. Age spots (brown spots). Post sun spots.

 lighten skin/10       

vitamine C/32


2 % hy-ac low density solution/28        3.5% hy-ac low viscosity solution/17    3.5% hy-ac U-low density solution/19  


Bio-revitalization with hyaluronic acid is a modern technique designed to eliminate age-related changes in the skin, to achieve its moisturizing and rejuvenation and to hide the impact of unfavorable environment.

Bio-revitalization is the revitalization of skin with hyaluronic acid as active substance, in a biological way designed to eliminate age-related changes returning the life to skin.

This is a non-surgical and widely applied way to fight skin aging.

mesoHYAC-16 An hyaluronic acid solution of different molecular weights mixture hyaluronic acids different molecular weights skin appearance youthful firm bright moisturized mesoinstitute made in barcelona mesotherapy

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