Hydrate, calm, recover and smooths the skin after the peeling.

Hydrate, calm, recover and smooths the skin after the peeling

Recommended for: Solid emulsion with a combination of ingredients that hydrates, calms, recovers and smoothes the skin. It has between the different substances, caviar extract that apports biological active peptides, trace elements and basic amino-acids that helps the recovery of the skin.

Also contains powerful anti oxidants and basic elements that calm the skin and increases the micro-circulation.

Hyaluronic acid: basic skin compound, hydrates the skin and thereby improves its elasticity and tautness.

Chamomilla recutita: With detoxifying, purifying, calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

Aloe Barbadensis: Regenerates and  moisturises the skin.

Panthenol: moisturizer and humectant.

Area: Face, decollete, hands and body.

Goals: Hydrates and recovers skin. Activates micro-circulation. Brings peptides, amino-acids and trace elements to increase cell recovery. Smoothes the skin.

pH: 6.5-6.8

Size: 50 mL

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