detox solution/07

 Anti-oxidant and anti-radical formula to restore cell metabolism. Skin cell detox.


mesoInstitute detox solution/07 is a complete anti-oxidant and anti-radical formula to restore cell metabolism. It stimulates natural defence of the skin.

Toxic fumes may be the primary cause of skin aging in polluted cities. Air pollution is prematurely aging the faces of city dwellers by accelerating wrinkles and age spots.

To the anti-oxidation activity of the different components of the formula, we have included basic substances of caviar origin that helps to restore the cell metabolism and the skin immunology.

For women and men of all ages.

 Anti-oxidant and anti-radical formula to restore cell metabolism. Skin cell detox.

Main ingredients

Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Taurine, Piscum ovum extract.


Bio-revitalizes the skin. Slows aging process. Improves elasticity. Reduces wrinkles. Stimulates dermal and epidermal cells. Skin cell detox.

User indications

Topical application. Skin needling. Needle free mesotherapy. Electroporation. Iontophoresis. Derma-pen. Derma-roller.

Possible mixtures

3.5% hy-ac low viscosity solution/17 3.5% hy-ac U-low viscosity solution/19  2% hy-ac low viscosity solution/28

Presentation & Reference

Box 10 vials of  5 mL.

Reference 102889

Product microbiologically tested. No parabens, alcohol or ingredients of animal origin. No colorants added.