BHA Beta hydroxy acid peelings

BHA Peels. Sensitive skin. Acne and oily skin. 

BHA Beta hydroxy acid are not as popular as AHA peels yet they can be equally effective and have specific advantages for some skin types. It retains its aspirin-like anti-inflammatory properties. A deep BHA peel can be superior for many skin types because the irritation an inflammation are kept to a minimum due to the analgesic action of the BHA compound.

The most common concentrations used today are 20% to 30% (Dermatologic Surgery, December 2003, page 1196 and March 1998, pages 325-328; and Cosmetic Dermatology, October 2000, pages 51-57)

They are also the preferred option for those with sensitive skin.

Almost everyone can benefit from a chemical peel.

Peels can improve the look of the skin dramatically and can leave user looking younger and healthier.

BHA Peels. Sensitive skin. Acne and oily skin. Rosacea                   BHA Peels. Sensitive skin. Acne and oily skin. Rosacea

Salicylic acid is unique amongst the hydroxy acids in that it can penetrate deeper into the oil glands causing exfoliation even in the oily areas of the face and scalp. It is ideal for treating  acne and oily skin.

BHA 10% salicylic peel/40 light peeling

BHA 20% salicylic peel/41 medium peeling