First age deep wrinkles. Stimulates skin metabolism.


Dehydration and loss of firmness are signs of skin aging that lead to wrinkle formation and sagging of some face areas.

mesoInstitute anti-age/05  is a complete bio-revitalizing formula designed to correct in depth the first stage of deep wrinkles. As well an ameliorated formula of bio-revitalizing components in a synergistic proportion, the inclusion of active biological peptides from caviar origin is the key of the results from the first session.

Restores moisture loss and at the same time stimulates collagen I synthesis and skin metabolism to restore its young and healthy appearance. The skin is therefore progressively tightened and moisturized.

For women and men of all ages.

Anti-age, restructuring, toning, anti-oxidant and anti-radical treatment. Deep wrinkles.

anti-age/05 first age deep wrinkles. Stimulates skin metabolism

Main ingredients

Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Thiamine, Piscum ovum extract.


Corrects deep wrinkles. Stimulates collagen synthesis. Stimulates dermal and epidermal cells. Skin cell detox. Slows aging process. Firms the skin. Moisturizes. Unifies tone and brightness. Improves skin softness. Improves elasticity.

User indications

Topical application. Skin needling. Needle free mesotherapy. Electroporation. Iontophoresis. Derma-pen.  Derma-roller.

Possible mixtures 

vit-F10 cocktail/18   

anti-ROS solution/09

Presentation & Reference

Box 10 vials of  5 mL.

Reference 102872

Product microbiologically tested. No parabens, alcohol or ingredients of animal origin. No colorants added.