AHA 40% mandelic peel/37

Light peeling. Acne prone skin, hyper-pigmentation post acne

AHA 40 per cent mandelic peel Acne prone skin, hyper-pigmentation post acne professional chemical peeling made in barcelona

Recommended for: 

Skin type: Acne prone skin, hyper-pigmentation post acne, scars, combination, sun damaged, sensible skin.

Skin tone: Caucasian, Mediterranean, Asian, Hispanic, Black.

 Age: More than 20.

Goals: Oil control. Facial rejuvenation. Acne scaring. Redness and discoloration from past acne. Improves fine lines. Men’s skin. Hyper-pigmentation, melasma.

pH: 2.8-3.0

Layer depth: Medium

Strengths: Medium

Area: Face, décolleté, hands.

Targets: Users who do peel regularly. Men’s skin.

Experience level: Aesthetic professionals.


Mandelic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) obtained from almonds with higher molecular weight than the other AHA, and as a result its action is slower than the others avoiding skin burning. Skin is refreshed without irritation and scratching.

It breaks the union between corneal cells removing aging cells, debris and pollutants attached to the skin surface. Helps to brighten irregular pigmentation. Helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines. Reduces redness.


Users of this peeling experience little to no downtime. Skin may be a bit pink, thight and dry following the peel, therefore it is advisable to use  ÉMULSION NUTRIPEEL once finished the peeling. Light flaking may occur on 4th day lasting up to seven days.

Daily use of SPF 30 helps to protect the sensitive new layer skin from the UV damage moreover, allows the result to last longer. To achieve the desired result, it is important to repeat up to 4 sessions every two weeks. Can be used in summer.

Skin improvements: 

Anti-aging, spot blemishes, crow’s feet, enlarged pores,  age spots, photo damaged skin, youth protection, scaly skin, hyper-pigmentation, ingrown hairs, men’s skin,uneven skin texture, uneven skin tone, sun damage, excessive oil, spot blemishes.

Presentation & Reference

Bottle   50 mL (1.76 fl.oz)

Reference 102155